Social Entrepreneurial Innovation

Creating innovative, dynamic, and inspirational solutions for CBOs and NGOs globally, social innovation encompasses the majority of daily ventures for Managing Projects. Providing support in a project manager capacity for clients ranging from the US Army to the royal family of Saudi Arabia, Managing Projects provides solutions through consulting on a wide array of ventures. 

From implementing a sustainable revenue stream for your CBO or NGO to helping create effectual programs for your organization, Managing Projects allows for an innovative solution for your needs.

With clients ranging from 3 royal families to the US Army Special Ops, a US Presidential candidate to thousands of private families, CBOs, and NGOs, our favorite ventures include those providing sustainable solutions for disenfranchised members of our global community concentrating in emerging markets. 

Ventures include:

1) Consulting an energy company on how to finance a solar roof installation to provide for energy needs for an orphan's hospital in Northern Uganda through a municipal bond ladder strategy;

2) Helping with providing employment training for children who have been trafficked along the Capetown-Congo corridor in Livingstone, Zambia and a revenue stream generated by a Zimbabwean artists' consortium microfinanced by Managing Projects to *reduce, reuse, recycle* refuse into stunning, gorgeous, unique, artistic *Love Locks* jewelry pieces;

3) Creating Apothe.Care for the currently homeless members of the Charlottesville community to own and operate with revenue generated providing a revenue source for the 2 primary local homeless agencies;

4) Providing training and employment for the local Afghani refugee community through the 'Super Sewing Shop' which facilitates EcoChic.Boutique, a sustainable textiles and accessories shopping experience;

5) Facilitating Global Social Innovators through providing them with an online consortium of smaller NGOs and CBOs with a vehicle to sell their artisan goods via FairTradeLove.com while spreading good will and joy through raising awareness to pertinent, global social issues; and

6) dozens of new exciting opportunities and ventures!

GTLD leasing

*If you were directed to Managing Projects and are interested in leasing one of our GTLDs, please send an email to discuss your needs.