Seeking Student Artists!


Goal - 'Love Mother Earth' Fashion Shows

To create the most spectacularly fun, innovative, interactive, educational fashion shows Charlottesville and Roanoke have ever witnessed while raising awareness to pertinent global issues.  Our 7 pillars include:

  1. Education
  2. Slow Fashion
  3. Technology & Data
  4. Food & Agriculture
  5. Water
  6. Affordable Housing & Renewable Energy
  7. Health & Mental Health

We will also be visiting our state capitol in Richmond with all 2,020 student artists' unique creations attached to a 100 foot long dress train to raise awareness and to hopefully help implement new policy initiatives.  

After Richmond, we are headed to Washington, D.C. to march on Capitol Hill on Earth Day next April to help promote our 2020 vision of Peace, Prosperity, and Sustainability.  

To Do

From the bees to the trees, the leaves to the seas, what would you miss most on Mother Earth?  

Find a used dvd or cd and utilize your creativity however you desire to express what you would miss most  if it was no longer in existence on our planet.  You can paint it, use markers, tape or glue stick pictures, anything you desire.  If you are having a creative block, you may simply sign your first name.  

Judges are seeking creativity and powerful symbolism of our 7 pillars and sustainability, so please utilize recycled materials only.


Remember, there are no limitations or restrictions!

For ambitious artists, you may include a short description as to why you chose what you did. Please utilize 500 words or less.  

Fashion Shows


  • June 6 at www.EcoChic.Boutique 
  • June 29 at www.EcoChic.Boutique 


  • August 2 at the Taubman Museum - www.TaubmanMuseum.org



If you are interested in participating in our free fashion classes, we highly recommend making reservations to guarantee a spot.  We will do our best to accommodate everyone, but if we have a full class, we may not be able to facilitate your needs.

If you would like to reserve a seat for one of our fashion shows, please let us know ahead of time. In addition, if anyone has special needs or if your child has any learning disadvantages or behavioral concerns, please let us know so we can make the proper arrangements to be able to accommodate everyone.  

***Cash Cards & Awards***

Every student artist will receive a $5 cash card to be utilized in EcoChic.Boutique.  Because the majority of our merchandise is fair trade supporting local NGOs & CBOs in their respective regions globally, the cash cards are redeemable towards select merchandise.

With that being said, we want every child regardless of socioeconomic strata to be able to participate in our programs, especially the educational art installation.  If you are living on any type of government assistance, if you serve our ideals of peace and democracy by serving in our Armed Services, if you are a teacher, a police officer, or fire technician, your children will receive a worthy piece of jewelry symbolizing their participation for the grand launch of Managing Love.

Grand Prize at each Charlottesville fashion show is a $250 cash card for EcoChic.Boutique and $50 American Express gift cards

2nd place receives a $100 cash card for EcoChic.Boutique 

3rd place receives a $50 cash card for EcoChic.Boutique

EVERYONE receives a $5 cash card to be utilized at EcoChic.Boutique.  We offer free shipping, but if the gift card is used online, we can not afford to pay for the shipping of a free gift.  We hope you understand...

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