Principled Leadership


Belief System


We are an organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. With the help of our tireless friends and supporters, we help facilitate CBOs and NGOs in achieving their respective mission.

Implementing the highest level of ethics into our daily activities, we focus our choices on providing the highest character, honor, accountability, integrity, and responsibility while remaining steadfast to our principles.  

From third world microfinance entrepreneurs to energy companies, Managing Projects has provided consulting to thousands of unique individuals, small to medium size businesses, CBOs, NGOs, governments, the US Army, ASEAN, Verizon, Merrill Lynch, AG Edwards, and many other corporate clients.   

Providing innovative solutions to specific needs ranging from consulting the Deputy Minister of Finance in Malaysia on expanding the Bank of Islam into western financial markets to facilitating 3 royal families and their needs, Managing Projects specializes in providing a wide array of services.  

Our passion is facilitating small CBOs and NGOs cultivate sustainable solutions. Managing Projects allows for CBOs, NGOs, and small to medium size businesses to create a dynamic, effectual presence on a global platform.  

Our primary passion is partnering our cherished clients with a community based organization giving a minimum of 10% revenue towards a sustainable program in accordance with each respective client’s mission